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The Treves Family from Turin, Italy

We come from a north west Italy where the Jews have always been scarce but present for 600 years, as far as we know our family has always been here and never left this area, We are a large family for the Italian Jewish standards we are in six. And as is the Jewish tradition , it is difficult to find a place to go together on which we all agree without any one complaining. Our trip to Hawaii was just perfect everyone was happy about it . Usually it is very difficult to go all to Synagogue as there is always someone who does not want to go, again on the beautiful island of Maui something happened and we all agreed to go with a smile and with Judith who accompanied us It was the first time we walked to a Synagogue by passing on a beach and it was a beautiful experience, but what we really all loved was the magical atmosphere ; everyone was kind helpful and relaxed, we felt as if we belonged there. Rabbi Glickman was also a special person as he presented Judaism in a soft and tolerant way accepting all in to the community. We wish everyone to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Maui for the for the coming 5772 and we hope to be able to come again.

Sheila Herman from Vancouver, BC

“It seems like so long ago that we were in Maui, but special in our memory is the Friday night Services we attended at your Synagogue. Coming to services on Friday nights is really one of the highlights of our time in Maui... I wish we had a synagogue like that to attend here in Vancouver.  I would encourage all Jewish visitors to Maui to attend Friday night Service, they are very inclusive and the Kiddush following with the Challah made by the Rabbi's wife is very special.“

Deborah Pozin

I recently had my family genealogy done by Judith Elam, which was a most inspiring experience, and one I would encourage for all individuals and families with a desire to unravel and discover their family of origin. In my case, Judith found out where my great great grandfather lived, how he emigrated from a small city in Russia to England and over to America. I learned that there was a small population of Jews from Russia living in Sunderland England whom built the first Synagogue in their town. Judith also discovered who my father was named after, and even showed me a photo of a deceased uncle's gravesite back East. Judith seemed so efficient, diligent and determined with passion in her searches. Judith offers this service with a donation to the Synagogue which was an honor and privilege for me to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Rabbi Eliezer and Michele Garner from Staten Island, New York

Dear Rabbi and Rebbetzin Glickman and members of the Jewish Congregation of Maui, We want to thank you so much for making our vacation in Maui extra special. Everyone was so friendly and embracing and made us feel truly welcomed. Under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Glickman, the shul is completely accepting of all visitors encompassing all degrees of religious observance. We made many new friends from members of the congregation and look forward to returning to Maui and spending Shabbat with your warm and embracing congregation again. Mahalo.

Tikva Glantz, President, Congregation Beth Sholom Richland, WA

"My husband Cliff and I have vacationed in Maui for the last three winters. DurIng each visit, we have attended services at Beit Shalom. Congregants are consistently warm and welcoming. Services are engaging and participatory. The Rabbi offers meaningful and thought provoking words during the service. We arranged to visit the gift shop during a week day, and found the Temple Administrator friendly and accommodating. In short, we truly enjoy visiting Beit Shalom, and appreciate being able to access this Jewish community while vacationing in Maui."

Thu, July 25 2024 19 Tammuz 5784