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Kashrut Policy

It is extremely important to us that all members and guests of our Jewish community feel
comfortable eating at all our events as well as preparing and bringing food from their homes or the grocery store to potlucks and simchas. We acknowledge that our diverse community members interpret specific aspects of kashrut observance in varying ways so it is important that we maintain clear, transparent and consistent policies.

We have established the kashrut policies and guidelines below which include two different standards of kashrut adherence in an attempt to appeal to the halakhic
norms of a wide variety of people/opinions.

Please click here to see our detailed Kashrut policy. 

Would you like to know what kinds of foods you can prepare/cook at home or purchase from the store for a JCM simcha or potluck? Please click here for a guide.

Thu, July 25 2024 19 Tammuz 5784