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The Jewish Congregation of Maui is a community of volunteers. Our strength lies
in the bonds between people in this special place and the opportunities we get to
care for one another. 

We need people to visit the sick, to help with the needier members of our
community, and to reach out when we identify a need as an act of compassion..
If you would like to take advantage of these opportunities, and you have time to
give, consider volunteering for one of these positions:
The sages teach us that a person who visits the sick, lessens their sickness, and
gives them life [BT Nedarim 40a]. Before the giving of the Torah, the principles
before the Torah are whispered to the people of Israel through Jethro (Exodus
18:20) - "And you will teach them the path that they shall walk on and the good
deeds that they shall do" - and the midrash explains: the path that they shall walk
on - this means the path to the house of a sick person. Because a visit to a sick
person requires travel, and each and every step of that path and the moments of
travel to a needy person's house are sacred, ethical acts.

A person who visits the sick or cares for them imitates the Divine. God cares for the
sick, and God cares for the needy, wherever they are found. How can we
become like the Divine? By imitating divine acts. And God is said to visit the sick,
as God visited Abraham when he was sick; and in fact, each and every sick
person, who is convalescing, has the sacred presence (the all-embracing
schechinah) above their bed (see Psalms 41:3). To visit the sick is to enter the
sacred presence.

Reach out to the Executive Director at 808-874-5397 or
Visit us at, Click CONNECT!
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We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Your commitment to service is one of the pillars we stand on.

Sam Shnider
JCM Spiritual Director
Thu, July 25 2024 19 Tammuz 5784